Donnerstag, 22. August 2013


 How to style when going to a skate contest...

At the moment I really like to dress very cool, casual and "swaggy".

This style perfectly fits to activities like going to a skate contest or just hanging around in parks or in the city and to enjoy the summer flair all day long with your friends.

On the first picture, I'm wearing my casual white shirt with a black "Chanel print" on it, combined with a hot high waist shorts by ZARA.

To complement this style I am wearing my white Nike Backboard II ' s.
And a black leather jacket and cool sunglasses will serve as wind- and sun protection during the alternating weather here in Germany.
As an alternative I'd also love to wear my neon pink vans, which you can see on the second picture.
Pink nail polish and a swaggy hessian bag with a cool print will make the look complete.

Love, Mary

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