Dienstag, 1. Oktober 2013

Casual days

What to wear during weekdays... when you need it comfortable, warm, but anyway still 
cool and trendy?!

Here you can see my proposal!

I am wearing leather pants (H&M), leather jacket (Zara) and a loose, light grey 
knitted pullover (Primark).
(Accessories: Necklace: Gina Tricot, Bag: Longchamp, Sunglasses: Rayban)
Furthermore I am wearing suitable black biker boots, which perfectly fit to the rest of my outfit - AND, which are on top of that, really comfortable and warm!

Love, Mary

Dienstag, 24. September 2013

Leather is the new Denim.

Todays' post is all about LEATHER..

Now, when it is getting colder everyday and we enjoy the last sunbeams of the year, it is wise to wear leather clothes.They are not only extremely stylish but also warm and cosy.

There are so many ways how to wear leather clothes...

You can either wear a casual, tiny leather pants, combined with an oversize pullover and sneakers, or a cute flared skirt, combined with a sexy crop top. It doesn't have to be real leather clothes, which are really very expensive, a nice artificial leather pants or a skirt by H&M, Vero Moda or Zara is totally sufficient!

My favourite "Leather-outfit" is a pair of stylish leather pants, a leather jacket in bikerstyle and a fake fur vest over it.

Love, Mary

Donnerstag, 19. September 2013

Nikes on my feet

One of my favourite shots from my latest shooting <3
I enjoyed it and had to much fun in the skatepark near my hometown.

I think this black and white underlines the mood of the picture. It should look very cool and swaggy, but still inadvertent, like a snapshot..

Information on my outfit:

I am wearing my comfortable, casual blue jeans by Tommy Hilfiger, combined with a neutral white crop top.
To make it a bit more special I threw over one of my favourite piece: a black artificial leather jacket by H&M.
Last but not least my lovely white nikes, which you could already see in my last post.
But they have already been replaced by my latest acquirement - white jordans :P
The socks I am wearing are newly an inherent part of most of my outfits, whether as knee-highs or just short like on this picture.

Love, Mary

Donnerstag, 22. August 2013


 How to style when going to a skate contest...

At the moment I really like to dress very cool, casual and "swaggy".

This style perfectly fits to activities like going to a skate contest or just hanging around in parks or in the city and to enjoy the summer flair all day long with your friends.

On the first picture, I'm wearing my casual white shirt with a black "Chanel print" on it, combined with a hot high waist shorts by ZARA.

To complement this style I am wearing my white Nike Backboard II ' s.
And a black leather jacket and cool sunglasses will serve as wind- and sun protection during the alternating weather here in Germany.
As an alternative I'd also love to wear my neon pink vans, which you can see on the second picture.
Pink nail polish and a swaggy hessian bag with a cool print will make the look complete.

Love, Mary

Dienstag, 20. August 2013

Perfect Match

Here you can see my latest acquirement - a black leather jumpsuit by ZARA.
This was one of my favourite outfits during my perfect holiday in Russia last week.
By the way, you should come here to visit "Sochi", it is a beautiful waterfront city with lots of nice opportunities to shop.
For me, the most special holiday I've ever experienced.

I'm also wearing my Moschino belt, which i really ADORE.

Last but not least, my high heels, which are from the last years ZARA collection.. or was it two years ago..?! Doesn't matter, they are still up to date and I love wearing them.

All in all this outfit is really comfortable, sexy, modern and elegant as well.. but one thing I haven't told you yet.. You really start sweating in this overall when facing the sun :D

Hope you enjoyed my first post!

Love, Mary

introduction - greeting

Hello everybody,
today I will start my fashionblog, to hopefully give everyone who is interested, some inspiration, and of course, to share my passion for fashion with you!