Donnerstag, 19. September 2013

Nikes on my feet

One of my favourite shots from my latest shooting <3
I enjoyed it and had to much fun in the skatepark near my hometown.

I think this black and white underlines the mood of the picture. It should look very cool and swaggy, but still inadvertent, like a snapshot..

Information on my outfit:

I am wearing my comfortable, casual blue jeans by Tommy Hilfiger, combined with a neutral white crop top.
To make it a bit more special I threw over one of my favourite piece: a black artificial leather jacket by H&M.
Last but not least my lovely white nikes, which you could already see in my last post.
But they have already been replaced by my latest acquirement - white jordans :P
The socks I am wearing are newly an inherent part of most of my outfits, whether as knee-highs or just short like on this picture.

Love, Mary

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